• CNC Milling

    Machining centre based on 5-axis milling machine allows producing blocks with complex shapes. We offer production of models and prototypes with 0.1mm accuracy on 4000 x 2000 x 900mm working surface. The milling machine uses precise CAM software for machining required shapes based on CAD model. Powerful spindle (12kW) allows working with both soft and hard materials without any loss in quality. 

  • 3D Printing

    We have 3 fast and precise 3D printers. We offer printoust in maximum ranges for a given machine or combined, large format printouts. 3D printing allows preparing product models supporting advertising or sales campaigns. We undertake a number of actions, which allow preparing repetitive elements of produktioni a fast and precise way.

  • 3D Scanning

    Scanner has 5 advanced cameras, which make three-dimensional point measurement by creating point cloud with a resolution up to several milion. The control is done remotely, which makes the process of scanning easier and eliminates potential errors. Format recording is adjusted to customer needs.